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Dirty Habits Miami Vice

Dirty Habits Miami Vice

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Miami Vice is a cocktail that is a fusion of Strawberry Daiquiri and Piña Colada. Two favorites! The drink originated in Miami during the 80s and ' let's bring it back! Why not, right? Everything cool comes from the 90's!!! 

This mix is coconut infused organic cane sugar, pineapple, coconut & strawberry! 

So many fun drink options with this mix! Add rum or vodka, mix with coconut milk and shake for a fun summer cocktail! Or add sprite as a mixer. There's endless opportunity for summer fun in this jar!

Each and every Dirty Habit jar is hand packed and comes approximately 3/4 full with small batch dried fruit and herbs. Settling does occur in shipping. We leave room for plenty of spirits and we promise an intense flavor if infused overnight or longer! Each jar has an extra sugar cube to use for round 2! 

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